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You Need To Hear This: Overdoz – “Boom” Mixtape

overdoz boom

Overdoz‘s highly anticipated mixtape, Boom, is now available for download to the masses. It’s been a long time coming for the Left coast representatives, Kent, Joon, Sleazy, and Creamie who preach “Destos, don’t stress hoes.”

Fans have been anticipatedly waiting for an Overdoz project since the drop of their breakout track, Lauren London, which served as the group’s introduction to the world. It not only cemented their legitimacy as a solid LA rap crew (let’s be real, there are a ton of one-off LA rap crews who never see the light of day past Youtube) but the video is a fast paced, raunchy yet fun-loving achievement of visual imagery that set them above the local acts.

When thinking about what defines not only Cali hip-hop, but specifically LA’s scene, it’s the laid back adoration of women, weed, and weather that defines the area and therefore the location. Overdoz talks about all three in just about every song, but instead of pushing the image of what outsiders dream about living on the West Coast might be like, Overdoz manages to authentically relay their experiences in ways that are relatable yet unique. Songs like “F$WSAD” highlights how the quartet just want to blow trees, sleep, and fornicate all day, but they have to grind if they want to succeed. These are common tales of twenty-somethings who want to make something of their lives, but also just want to kick back. And it’s that honesty that Overdoz has always masterfully provided that has kept them on all the “One’s To Watch” lists to date.

If you want more of Overdoz, they will be hitting the road with ASAP Ferg beginning Nov. 22nd in Houston, TX, tickets are available at Livenation,

Head over to Overdoz’s official website Blunnitville to download the mixtape.

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